My Story Photography in San Antonio, Texas
Any questions about these My Story Galleries, please contact Alejandro Maya at 210 375 1321 or 210 342 6709 

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Welcome to the My Story Galleries. Here you will find event, portrait, action and editorial photography. The site is also an eCommerce site that will enable you to purchase photos of you or your loved ones. For more info contact or call 210 375 1321 or 210 342 6709

This is the My Story Photography site. It is categorized by keyword to aid you in finding more easily the photos that interest you. My Story is dedicated to preserving memories through photos and through life story documentary videos. For more information you can call 210 375 1321 or by email

My Story is a company dedicated to preserving memories in San Antonio. From Life Story Video Documentaries to Photography (including photography for events, sports, stylized portraits and more). We also transfer 8mm film, 8mm video tape, VHS and other formats to the digital form so that your memories can be ready for the future.

We are the future of memories.